Geothermal Energy – Energy Source : GROUND

Get your energy from the earth’s crust..

The heat pump collects its energy by means of vertical or horizontal probes and delivers up to 80% of free energy to your heating system, the remaining 20% coming from the electrical supply.


  • Up to 80% of free energy
  • Efficient reducing of the heating costs with high power values
  • Long working life


  • Renewable energy from natural sources by means of earth catchments
  • No CO2 or nitrogen emissions

Commodités & autonomie

  • Régulation pilotable à distance avec i-regul
  • Equipement complet permettant de se raccorder sur la distribution de chauffage existante
  • Quiet and odourless operation
  • Reduced space requirement (0,5m2)
  • Powder coated steel body
  • Soundproofing by means of heavy insulating material of 12 kg/m2